iPod Classic

Apple iPod ClassicApple's iPod Classic Series was first released to the public many years ago. Built on their original design, the iPod Classic was produced through seven generations until being discontinued in 2014, much to the dismay of many fans who specifically purchased the iPod Classic for it's sound quality.

Available in many capacities throughout it's evolution, the three most common were the iPod Classic 80GB, the iPod Classic 120GB & the largest, the iPod Classic 160GB. These large sizes allowed people to take their entire music collection with them, especially those who favoured lossless audio such as offered by Apples ALAC MP4 format.

Today, you can find used & second hand models of the iPod Classic. There's a large range of sellers who will sell to the highest bidder, or offer a instant buy-it-now price. Check out the range available, and see if you can find one that's still in a good condition, that's been looked after well.

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