Used iPod Classic 5th Generation

iPod Classic 5th Generation

The iPod Classic 5th Generation was released late in 2005, being the first iPod that could play video. It came in two capacities, 30Gb and 60Gb, boasting space for 7500 or 15000 songs respectively.

It features a 2.5" QVGA transflective LCD Display (320x240 pixels, .156mm dot pitch), using an white LED Backlighting system (One of the first of it's kind). The 5G iPod Classic could also display videos, and many people used this iPod as a portable storage device, offloading photos taken from their camera onto the iPod for later viewing. A cable can be purchased that connected the iPod classic up to a TV, and using an Apple Remote, this gave a media centre like functionality.

Battery life was quite good, with the 30Gb providing around 14 hours, and the 60Gb around 20 hours of music playback. This drops to around 3-4 hours of video playback, and 4 hours of photo / slideshow usage. Most people buy the iPod Classic 5th Gen today due to nostalgia, but also because they prefer the form factor and audio capabilities.

You can buy used iPod Classic 5G today from sellers online. Bare in mind that these models are quite dated, and it's a smart move to check into the condition of the item. Some sellers offer refurbished units, replacing the hard drive / the battery, or both, giving new life to the Classic. Have a look at some on offer below. Simply click on any item, and you'll be taken to the sellers page.

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