iPod Classic 80GB 5th Generation

Apple iPod Classic 80GBNew, Used & Second Hand 80GB iPod Classic For Sale.

Released in 2006, The iPod Classic 80GB was one of Apple's last released in the Classic series.

The silver and black models was the entry level option at this point in time, being little brother to the iPod Classic 160GB. Both offer a color LCD screen, the typical touch wheel interface, and a bunch of features via the onboard software.

Although now discontinued, many still seek the 80GB iPod Classic due to it's unique design and storage capacity. 80GB is quite a lot of space, and if you have a large music library, it's a great way to take your whole library with you on the road.

Also, some people prefer the sound quality out of the iPod Classic series, with reports of better DAC Converters giving a better sound.

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