iPod Classic 120GB 6th Generation

Released in 2009, Apple's iPod Classic 120GB 6th Generation sits beneath the iPod Classic 160GB version, and is an excellent choice for anyone with a large music collection needing extra storage space.

Often sought after by music aficionados, this model has a beautiful colour screen and features the typical touch wheel from this generation of iPod Classics.

This was the last released of the iPod Classic line, alongside the 160GB version. Apple does not produce this model anymore, having abandoned it in favour of the larger iPod touch. So, your only real option is to purchase a used iPod Classic 120GB.

Many people are willing to part with their older iPod Classic, as the old adage goes : "One man's trash is another mans's treasure!". Generally, you want to make sure they're in good working order in the description. Be aware that the original batteries are quite dated, and may need to be replaced. Check here for replacement batteries for the iPod Classic

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