iPod Classic 160GB

Apple iPod Classic 160GBApple's iPod Classic 160GB is the largest iPod in the Apple range. It sits on top of the 80GB iPod Classic & 120GB iPod Classic, and offers an enormous amount of storage space, larger then any iPod Touch or iPhone.

Many choose to purchase the 160GB version of the iPod classic not only due to it's storage space, but also because of the sound quality it produces. Many audiophiles swear by it's audio output - and choose the classic over an iPod Touch due to this fact alone.

160GB of space is great for anyone who owns a lossless audio collection, and who wishes to a good chunk of their library with them. Also, some have modded their iPod Classic, installing a 250GB hard drive and increasing the overall space.

Sadly, Apple decided to discontinue the iPod Classic in 2014, and you can only buy them as used or second hand models.

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