iPod Touch 5th Generation 64GB

iPod Touch 5th GenerationApple's fifth generation of the iPod Touch (also known as the iPod Touch 5G, or iPod Touch 5) was announced, alongside the iPhone 5, on September 12th, 2012. It succeeded the 4th generation iPod Touch, offering a slimmer model, with a higher resolution screen, featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Other improvements included 1080p video recording, photographic panorama mode, an LED flash for taking photos in low light, and an upgrade to a faster CPU, Apple's A5 processor. It was superceded by the 6th Generation iPod Touch on July 15th, 2015.

You'll find the 5th Gen iPod touch available in three sizes - 16GB / 32GB & 64GB, however we recommend you get at least 32GB, as 16GB users often report they run out of space quickly, due to the size of the iOS operating system, and installed Apps. Ultimately, 64GB will have more then enough space for the average user, and you'll be able to carry your entire music collection with you - which is part of the reason people buy an iPod Touch in the first place!

You can find a range of used iPod Touch 5th Generation for sale, the best places we recommend, are below. When purchasing, make sure it comes with all accessories (you might want to purchase some new ear buds thou!) The iPod Touch 5th Generation is available in five colour options - space grey, silver, blue, pink, yellow, and red. Below are current prices on Amazon & eBay, fetched in the last minute.

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