iPod Touch 6th Generation

iPod Touch 6th GenerationThe iPod Touch 6th Generation (6th Gen) was released by Apple in Mid 2015. More of a 'under the bonnet' upgrade for the iPod Touch series, the 6th Gen looks, feels, weighs, and measures exactly the same as the iPod Touch 5th Generation.

The main upgrades worth noticing are the CPU upgrade from Apple's A5 (32 Bit) to the A8 64 bit processor, double the ram from 512MB to 1GB, a main camera upgrade from 5 Megapixels to 8 Megapixels and the addition of a 128GB model, the highest capacity currently available in an iPod Touch. Along side these upgrades, are a range of new colors to choose from : silver, gold, space gray, pink, blue, and the limited edition 'product red'.

Apple iPod touch (6th Gen, 2015) - Sizes : 16 | 32 | 64 |128 GB

If you're looking to purchase a 6th generation iPod Touch, you can save quite a bit of money buying a used model. There's a range of used iPod Touch below.

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