iPod Touch 16GB

Apple iPod Touch 16GB

Apple's 16GB iPod Touch is the larger brother of the entry level iPod Touch 8GB, which has the same feature set of the entire Apple iPod Touch Range, but with 16GB of storage.

Based on the same operating system as the iPhone, Apple's iOS, the iPod Touch 16GB now comes with a powerful CPU & GPU, along with motion sensors, giving a whole new experience to gaming and interactive Apps.

This amount of storage makes it ideal for light to medium users who have a moderate music / video / photo collection and want to download and store a number of apps on the device. For those with larger collections who demand more space, we recommend the iPod touch 32GB or, at the top end, a iPod Touch 64GB, which offer double and quadruple the amount of space on the device.

If you're looking to buy the iPod Touch 16GB, you have many options. Check them out below.

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