iPod Touch 32GB

Apple iPod Touch 32GB

Apple's iPod Touch 32GB sits above the iPod Touch 8GB & iPod Touch 16GB, offering a generous 32 Gigabytes of storage space, yet sharing the same functionality as the rest of the iPod Touch Family.

Running on the same operating system as the Apple iPhone, iOS, the iPod touch 32GB is a popular choice for medium to heavy users who have a decent media collection for which they need to store on the device. For hard core users with large collections of music / movies and Apps, we recommend the iPod Touch 64GB Model.

The latest iPod Touch has a powerful CPU & Graphics processor, along side a motion co-processor, giving a great gaming and user experience. Of course, it has Wi-FI built in, so you're practically using a pocket sized computer.

Purchasing the iPod Touch 32GB is easy - and one of the best places to find a great deal is below. You can pick up a used or second hand model from one of the many sellers.

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