iPod Touch 64GB

Apple iPod Touch 64GB

Apple's iPod Touch is the big brother of the iPod Touch family, shadowing it's younger brothers, the iPod Touch 8GB, iPod Touch 16GB & iPod Touch 32GB, offering substantially more space.

This makes it popular with people who require a generous amount of storage space. 64GB is a hefty amount, and if you like carrying your whole music collection around with you, have heaps of photos, use lots of Apps or store loads of movies & TV shows, the iPod Touch 64GB is a recommended choice.

Built upon the same technology as the iPhone, the iPod Touch runs on Apple's iOS operating system, and is compatible with most of the Apps available on the App Store. It has a powerful CPU and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), along side some serious motion sensor capabilities, offering up a immersive and interactive gaming experience.

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