iPod Touch 8GB

Apple iPod Touch 8GB

Apple's iPod Touch 8GB is the smallest version of the iPod Touch, often purchased for kids and elderly people due to it's price point and entry level capacity.

The smaller brother of the iPod touch 16GB, iPod Touch 32GB & iPod Touch 64GB, the 8GB version has all the features of the larger models within it's family, but is limited to 8GB of storage space.

For many people this is not an issue - if you don't have a huge music collection or want to store a massive amount of photos, the 8GB version of the iPod touch will do just fine. You can still do everything that's available on the larger model, whilst saving yourself money purchasing this model.

Many retailers sell the iPod touch 8GB, however if you're looking for a good deal, have a look at some of the listings below. Click on any item for more information.

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