iPod Touch (Under $100)

iPod Touch 5th GenerationLooking to buy an iPod Touch for under $100? Is this even possible?!? The answer is definitely a yes, if you're happy buying a later / dated model of iPod touch. There's heaps of sub $100 iPod Touch currently available online, and we present them below.

You've got two main options here if you don't wanna spend more then $100 bucks on your iPod touch. Amazon and / or eBay. Both have a range of sellers that are willing to part with their older iPod touch for the right price. For this price, you can expect at least a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd generation iPod Touch, between 8GB - 16GB. You may find a better deal, if you visit this page often enough! Be sure to bookmark it, and come back often as listings are updated the second you view this page.

When you're shopping around, there's a few things to check out. Firstly, and most obviously : what is the condition of the used iPod Touch? Secondly : does it come with all accessories? Both are important factors to look into. Battery life should be queried, as battery life on any used iPod Touch can drop over time. Replacement batteries are available, but you should factor this into your overall cost.

Have a look at iPod Touch under $100 below. Simply click on any item - you'll be taken to the individual sellers page.

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