iPod Nano 7th Generation 16GB

iPod Nano 7th Generation

The iPod Nano 7th Generation (MD481LL/A) was released in 2012 (& again in 2015 with new colors), superseding the iPod Nano 6th Generation. It features a 2.5" inch capacitive touch screen, bluetooth connectivity, 16GB of storage space and Apple's new lightning connector for charging and syncing (the same as the latest iPhone and iPod Touch).

The iPod Nano has gone thought many changes, changing shapes and styles through nearly each generation. This, the 7th generation iPod nano, is long and thin,  meaning 76mm high and is just 5mm thick. It has a button at the bottom of the touch screen, much like the iPhone & iPod Touch's design.

The 7th Gen iPod nano has a specialised interface, somewhat similar in style to Apple's iOS, but much more stripped back, and not modifiable. You have two pages, featuring sub menus including music, Podcasts, Video's, Photo's, Radio, Clock, Settings, and Nike fitness support.

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