5 Good Reasons Not To Buy The 6th Gen iPod Touch

Reasons Not To Buy The iPod Touch 6th GenThere's good reason to want to buy the latest, 6th generation (6th gen) iPod Touch. It's new, it's the latest offering from Apple, and it's the most up-to-date iPod touch that's currently available.

OK, so without sounding like Captain Obvious, there's your main reasons. But what about we look at all the reasons why you shouldn't buy the latest iPod touch?

We found a video below that outlines some very good points. In it, PhoneDog discusses the following :

  • It's expensive, the base model costing over $200, which only gives you 16GB of storage. After you take away the space that the operating system uses, you're only left with around 12GB. There's no expandable storage slot where you can add more storage, so whatever you buy, that's what you're stuck with.
  • It's display is a bit dated. At only 4 inches diagonally, it's marginally smaller the the latest iPhone 6s 4.7 inch display, and whole lot smaller then the iPhone 6 plus's 5 inch display
  • The iPod touch doesn't have 'Touch ID' - Apple's latest addition to the iPhone that literally scans your fingerprint, in order to quickly open up your iPhone without having the enter a 4 or 6 digit passcode.
  • There's still no GPS or cellular data, which comes with the iPhone range.
  • There are cheaper options available on the market with offer better value.

So there you have it. Some good, solid reasons not to buy the iPod Touch 6th Gen. Of course, most of these reasons revolve around the iPhone offering features the iPod touch does not.

However, you're getting the iPod touch at a fraction of the price of an iPhone, so you really need to weigh up if it's worth it to you.

Check out the video below for more information.