Adding YouTube Videos To Your MP3 Player

Youtube To MP3 Converter

Keeping a MP3 player stocked with the latest and greatest hits can be a challenge.

It can also get expensive.

Whether you are a music aficionado or just a casual listener who likes to work out with your own tunes reverberating in your ears, odds are pretty good that you spend a lot more time than you would like getting music for your MP3.

Finding Your Favorite Songs

Almost everyone spends a few minutes on YouTube whenever they surf the Internet.  It is probably the best place to find songs to add to an MP3 player's library.  Once you discover the perfect song, getting onto your player can be a hassle.  First you have to find it in MP3 format and then you need to get it onto your computer for transfer.

If you can find the song you want on one of the many Internet music stores, you are paying a pretty steep price when it is still new.  Wait a few months and you can buy the same song for a fraction of the price.

The problem with waiting for the price to go down is that it is no longer the must have song on you MP3 player, something newer and more expensive is.  Another problem is the fact that you can only upload the song to your MP3 a limited number of times.  If you buy a new MP3 player, you might be throwing a ton of money away.

Converting Your YouTube Music to Mp3

A better option would be to convert the videos on YouTube to MP3 files.  Not only would this save money and time, it would allow you to get the exact version of the song you want.  Some live versions can be extremely difficult to find.

Best of all, somebody has already thought of it and created a site to do just that.  There is no software to install, everything is done on the Internet at sites like or, so all you have to do is transfer the MP3 file to your MP3 player once the download finishes.

One tool they have to make the process easier is a browser plugin.  It puts a button on YouTube above the video that you can click to convert directly from YouTube.  Keeping your MP3 player full of the best music could not be any easier.  Not to mention the money you will save converting from YouTube to MP3 instead of buying from an Internet music store.

Shon is the owner of YouTube to Mp3 Australia a free tool for converting your favorite YouTube videos to mp3.