An iPod or a Radio: Which is the Better Gift This Year?

iPod Vs Radio

A lot of us probably don’t consider the radio to be a “gadget,” and certainly not a gadget on par with the iPod, which is capable of a lot of features the first radios couldn’t have dreamed of. Even today, car radios can have access to content no iPod - or any portable music player, for that matter - has access to. So why ask which one is a better gift this holiday season?

Because it’s important to remember that the radio was the original iPod, a world-changing audio system that allowed communication to happen differently than people had imagined before. That’s a lofty description, to be sure, especially since the novelty of the radio has long since worn off, but if you want to buy a gift for someone this year and you know they like listening to stuff, the iPod-radio battle is one worth exploring.

So let’s pose that exact question and see if we can’t find out the best possible gift for your favorite music lover this holiday season.

How to Know when the iPod is the Right Choice

In short, the younger your giftee, the more likely it is that they’d prefer something like an iPod Touch to something like a radio. Even the coolest alarm clock/radio in the world won’t have the features that wow their friends like an iPod would, especially if you’re buying for someone who’s just approaching the age where an iPod would make a great gift. So as a rule of thumb, the younger your giftee is, the more you’ll want to lean toward the iPod.

But what if you know someone who’s a little more tech-savvy but wouldn’t be classified as “young”? Well, there may still be reasons you’d want to buy them an iPod. Consider the example of a fifty-year-old who loves Apple products but hasn’t found the time to arm themselves with more of the portable Apple hardware. Simple purchase decision, right?

The iPod as the correct choice for a gift this holiday season can sometimes be a gut-level decision, but you’ll also want to educate your “gut” with a little bit of research. Ask about the person you’re buying a gift for or, heck, ask them directly. You’ll find out a lot more than you thought you knew about that person, and their answer about the more appropriate gift might just surprise you.

How to Know When the Radio is the Right Choice

Sometimes, a radio is just a good gift. Maybe someone loves singing in the shower (hint, hint: shower radio) or could use a new, updated radio in the car so that they don’t have to fiddle with the dial in the middle of a busy highway.

Whether you want to upgrade someone’s already-existing radio or buy them something new like a shower radio, a good gift should fit a hole in someone’s life. This means that we can’t exactly tell you what gift to get. After all, every giftee is a little bit different. But we can tell you how to go about deciding.

If you’re still not sure about whether or not a radio is a good gift idea, here are a few possible signs that you’ll want to be on the lookout for. First, consider the person’s automobile. Do they have a great new car? You probably won’t need to buy them any car radios or gadgets. Next, consider their gadgets. Are they glued to their iPod? Maybe ditch the whole “audio” idea altogether, or find them a complementary gift like an iPod dock that combines as a radio.

These original ideas will help you make decisions where you didn’t think decisions could be made. Just a little outside-the-box thinking and thoughtfulness can go a long way.