Are You Using the Right Headphones for Your iPod?

Apple Headphones


Sure, Apple products like the iPod Nano often come with their own headphones, and many people are content to clip them into their iPod and listen away.

But are they really the earphones you want to be using? Are there more comfortable ones out there?  Are there headphones that sound better without being bulkier?

If you've found yourself asking these kinds of questions, you might be in the market for a new set of headphones.  However, you might be surprised to hear the real answers.

First, know that even Apple knows that its default headphones aren't the best on the market.  How can I say that?  Because Apple offers its own in-ear headphones for $79.  These look like the default headphones but are manufactured for enhanced sound and comfort - people won't even know you can hear your iPod better than they can.

I can hear you already.  "What?  $79?  I've bought better headphones for $30.  Sure, they're pretty big, but I'd prefer looking dumb if I can have a higher quality of sound and more comfort."  Okay, maybe those aren't your exact words, but I'm onto you.  After all, a lot of people aren't content with their headphone situation.  Just check out, where you see reviews for more than one pair of headphones for the iPod.  Clearly, something is up.  If everyone was happy with the default headphones, there wouldn't be so many people searching for better products!

So which way should you go?  Should you go for that studio-quality sound you get from the big fluffy black headphones (and risk looking like a weirdo out in the city), do you get Apple's upgrade, or do you stick with the default?

Ultimately, it will be up to you.  If you've always enjoyed the sound coming from your iPod, and the headphones are comfortable, there's no reason to shell out some extra money for a pair of headphones.  If, however, you can't stand those default headphones and would prefer something with more clarity and comfort, it's time to start looking on the market.  See if you can give the Apple headphones a try in a nearby Apple store; otherwise, consider smaller, comfortable alternatives you can wear that won't make you look like a traveling geek parade.