Everything You Want to Know about Owning an iPod Touch

iPod Touch

Given the penchant of tech-geeks to post their musings online, it won't be hard to find iPod Touch reviews like this online.  It's always a good idea to read the reviews before purchasing a product, but some reviews don't quite put you in the driver's seat:  what is it like to own a gadget like the iPod Touch?  Is it close to the iPhone, or is it an unsatisfying kid's version?  You're about to find out.

Like Having an iPod on Steroids...

For some people, owning the iPod Touch will be like having an iPod on steroids - there's simply more to do with a touch.  You can browse the web via wireless network connections, download games, and watch videos.  It's not exactly the iPod Shuffle.

In many ways, owning an iPod Touch will feel like having a small computer in your hands.  That's because it essentially is a small computer.  If you're at home and decide to learn how many wives Henry VIII had, you won't have to go far to look it up.  You can't exactly do that with the other versions of the iPod.


…but Not Quite Like Having an iPhone, Either

Of course, the most glaring drawback of the iPod Touch is that it's not the iPhone.

Sure, some people already have a telephone service and don't see the need to buy a new phone, especially when an iPod Touch (with similar applications, functions, and connections) works well as an artificial substitute.  But with great gadgets in our hands, it's easy to get spoiled.

Eventually, you might simply find yourself wanting more.

It's not necessarily greed; after all, having an iPhone would essentially bring two gadgets - your iPod Touch and cell phone - together into one gadget.

If you can be satisfied without the phone service of an iPhone, the iPod Touch will essentially live up to its billing:  it's a great gadget that will help stave off boredom while giving you a more useful way to fill the air in your pockets.  Having one means having a place for your music, your videos, your notes, your calendar, and even your e-mail, without the monthly payments of the iPhone plan.

Sound like it's up your alley?  Now you know.