Five Reasons to Buy an iPod Classic

Buy iPod Classic

In electronic years, the iPod Classic is about a hundred years old.

That's because technology moves fast these days - it was only years before the iPhone and the iPad hit the market, virtually wiping out the need for an iPod similar to the classic design.

But is that even true? If so, why does Apple continue to sell a version of the classic while it's offering what are clearly bigger and better products at the same online store?

The answer is simple: it's because there's still plenty of reason to buy an iPod Classic. We plan on listing just five of them here:

Reason #1: It's vintage, man. Having an iPod Classic doesn't necessarily make you look outdated, particularly if you're already young yourself. With so many cheap alternative options on the table these days, people might assume that you bought the iPod Classic with full intention on buying just that: an iPod Classic. It's not exactly as outdated as the Walkman, but an iPod Classic can deliver much of the same technology - holding thousands of songs in your pocket - while looking like it's from a different decade. Pull out the iPod Classic and you'll probably start another conversation amongst you and your friends...and maybe even a stranger or two.

Reason #2: The capacity. This ain't your daddy's iPod. Well, it might be more appropriate to say: this ain't your older brother's iPod. The Classic can hold tens of thousands of songs, which marks a massive improvement over the original iPods. (Want to check out the different generations of iPod models? Click here.) You aren't holding 5 gigabytes of space in your iPod Classic, you're holding some 160 gigabytes with the current iPod Classic. In other words, that's a massive improvement of storage space. Have you even heard 40,000 songs in your life?

Reason #3: The simplicity. Sure, Apple's gadgets - from phones to tablets - are known for their general simplicity and intuitive menus, but there's something great about the iPod classic wheel that will never get old. There's also the attractiveness of having a separate product that holds only your music. If you want to go on a run without being distracted from other things, bringing an iPod Classic with you can be a great option. Even with all of our great electronic technology, it's sometimes good to stick with what simply works.

Reason #4: Affordability. Whether you're a broke college student or simply don't have the money to pay for an iPad, you can still bring great music with you in your iPod Classic without making yourself poor. Affordability can be a major issue these days, as uncertain economic climates across the world have people apprehensive about spending their money. Affordability should not be taken out of the equation when you're thinking about buying electronics.

Reason #5: You can still have video. The iPod Classic isn't all music - you can have video, an option that was once a revolution in the iPod world but has now come to be relatively commonplace. Take advantage of the advances electronics have made since the original iPod by buying the latest version of the iPod Classic and you'll be be able to download movies and television episodes and keep them in the same place as your movies. It's still a great way to pass the time while you're on the bus or on the train.

Have we convinced you yet? That's ok if we haven't; there are plenty of electronics to consider these days. But before you write off the iPod Classic, try and consider whether or not these reasons have had an impact on you.