Five Things the iPod Is Missing


With the success of the iPod and iPhone in recent years, it can be considered technological absurdity to sometimes point out that the iPod is missing a few features.  After all, it's such a technological wonder that the novelty still hasn't seemed to have quite worn off yet.  Nonetheless, there are always improvements to be made, and with new generations of iPods coming out all the time, there's also something even simpler:  hope.

With that in mind, here are a few features the iPod might want to adapt.


1.  "Pinning" your favorite stuff to the main screen.

As CNET notes, this is something you can see on the Microsoft Zune but not the iPod.  Wouldn't it be great to quick-click your way to a favorite song so that you don't have to shuffle through albums, artists, and songs?  Granted, that might only shave some 15 seconds off of your clicking time, but it's still a nice feature nonetheless.

2.  Syncing wirelessly.

Speaking of the Zune, did you notice how Microsoft's answer to the iPod can sync with a computer without having to plug in?  This would be a great addition to an upcoming iPod generation, even if it's not high on their priority list for making their product more marketable.

3.  Add playlist editing onto the iPod itself.

You can't connect wirelessly, but you still have to connect a lot in order to keep your iPod tuned in with what you want your playlists to be.  What if you could simply edit the playlist on the iPod itself?  That would save time and would mean many less annoying instances of the plug-in, plug-out action that so many iPod users are used to.

4.  Insert the date and time even while a song's playing.

Cell phones have become an unofficial watch for a lot of people; why not the iPod?  It'd be great to keep track of time while a song's playing.

5.  This one may be wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be great to have an iPod/flash drive combination?

You can store a lot of music on the iPod, but it'd be great to have a flash drive in case you need one in a pinch.  Then again, maybe we should just leave the flash driving to the actual flash drives.