Fixing the iPod: Two Quick Tips to Get Started

Fixing The iPod Tips

You've done it - you've just established your ultimate playlist that works perfectly for either a commute to work (plugged into the speaker, of course) or a hefty workout at the gym. Then your iPod breaks.

After some frustrated curse words, you decide that it's time to take serious action and learn how to get fixing the iPod rather than cursing it.  And that's where this article comes in.

We can't solve every iPod problem for you in a few paragraphs, but we can boil the process down to its bare essentials and get things started for you.

Tip #1:  Diagnosis.

You need to make sure that you know what's wrong with your iPod before you decide to start fixing it.  In order to do that, make sure that your battery is fully charged.  You wouldn't believe how many times people get frustrated about a "broken iPod" only to realize that they're simply out of battery.  If all systems are go but the iPod still isn't working, you have to find out what's wrong.

Diagnosis works by finding out which part of your iPod went haywire.

Sometimes, it may be a true mystery, but other times you'll be able to recognize the warning signs like in WikiHow's guide to fixing an iPod.  If you can figure out if one specific part is the culprit, then contact Apple and see if they can send a new one.

Tip #2:  Fix or replace.

As if diagnosis wasn't vexing enough, now it's time to start actually fixing the iPod.  One site we recommend is, which has a range of guides on how to fix almost anything!

You will find that some things, such as broken screens, batteries and hard drives are replaceable, but major breakages such as connector or motherboard damage are fatal. In this situation, you will need to completely replace your iPod. But, don't fear. You'll probably be upgrading to a new version, and you're on the best site in the world to find a great price for an iPod Replacement.

Using an online marketplace like eBay (highly recommended for many of your iPod needs), try and find the appropriate part for your iPod, especially if you don't have a warranty on the iPod and can't call Apple for the replacement.  If no amount of replaced parts will fix it, then it's time to simply look for a new iPod altogether - again, use eBay for cheaper prices.

Fixing the iPod that has gotten you through early-morning traffic and tough bicycling jaunts into the hills can be a really frustrating experience.

Don't let it get to you. Simply work to diagnose the problem and figure out if it needs to be fixed or replaced, and you'll be set.

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