Four iPod-Related Holiday Gift Ideas

iPod Gift Ideas

These days, buying a gadget as a Christmas gift can be a bit of a mixed bag.

Sure, it can make a great gift, but if someone you’re buying the gift for already has the most up-to-date technology available, that doesn’t leave you any wiggle room, does it?

You can’t very well buy someone an iPhone 6 before the iPhone 5 comes out.

That’s why it’s important to know what kind of holiday gifts you can buy your gizmo-loving gift recipient without stealing a trip into the future.

You can certainly find accessories, updates, add-ons, and all sorts of goodies related to someone’s favorite electronic toy without buying something they already have. Let’s take a look at what you might want to consider buying this holiday season if someone you know already has the latest iPod.

1. Cases.

Okay, so maybe an iPod case isn’t the greatest gift in the world, but it is a great stocking stuffer if you’ve run out of ideas. An iPod case is convenient and should be able to add some years of life to the iPod, especially considering how many of us let our iPods get banged up and bruised over the years. An iPod case that really reflects the owner’s personality is an added bonus. And are they being produced? Of course. Companies like Speck are already making iPod Touch cases that should have plenty of appeal for the iPod lover in your family.

Again, the iPod case is not necessarily the gift that will just wow your loved one this holiday season, but you can let them know you think about them and their interests simply by giving something you know they’ll be able to use.

2. Covers.

Similar to the case, an iPod cover can be great especially if you know someone who recently got an iPod. Typically, the younger crowd will go for the more flamboyant iPod covers. Think about recent movie releases for the young kids in your family - it shouldn’t be hard to tell what kind of movies your gift recipient tends to enjoy.

These covers are a great stocking stuffer, as well, or you can buy a few and make an entire gift out of it. If you are buying some iPod cases for a niece and you know - via the parents - that the child will be receiving an iPod Touch for Christmas too, then you really look like the aunt or uncle who stays in - forgive the pun - touch.

3. iTunes gift cards.

It can be tough buying music when you can’t spare the $10 to buy your favorite album, but you’ll definitely love receiving a gift of a $25-$50 iTunes gift card because it’s basically free music. It’s an excellent gift because it’s flexible - they can, after all, download whatever music they like - but it also shows that you know what kind of things they’re interested in.

Be sure that the person you’re buying this gift for actually does use iTunes. If you see them with an iPod at all, that’s a good indication. If they like talking about the latest music, too, that’s a great indication that your gift will go over well.

4. iPod accessories.

Talk to someone in the know. Does your gift recipient need new iPod headphones? Could they use another accessory that’s broken down but they never replaced? These iPod accessories also make great stocking stuffers, especially if you’re able to hit the nail on the head and really step in with a great gift that you know they actually need.