Four Less-Than-Conventional Uses for the iPod

iPod Boombox

The iPod is a feat of electrical engineering - at least it was when it first came out, almost a decade ago.

Since then, we've seen the market flooded with electronic products of all kinds, many of which can help us bring our songs, movies, and television shows with us wherever we go. We now even have a consumer-grade tablet, the iPad, ready for widespread use.

But what about the less-conventional uses for the iPod? Might you still be able to find some value in these ever-improving gadgets?

We live in a technological age in which it's easy for electronics to become obsolete. But if you check out the less-than-conventional uses for the iPod as presented in this article, you'll find a way to squeeze the most value out of that old iPad without feeling like you're living in the Stone Age.

Ditch those wallet photos: We all know about the custom of carrying pictures of family and friends in your wallet, using pocket-sized snapshots that adequately display our loved ones for others to view. But what if you didn't have to lug this kind of hardware around anymore? If you want a thinner wallet, you'll have to ditch a lot of that extra junk and considering using a product like the iPod Nano, which allows you to display photos. Sure, it can be hard to see far-away shots on the Nano, but if you stick to closeups, you can flip through your "wallet photos" with greater ease than you ever could with your actual, uh, wallet photos.

An exercise companion: Okay, okay, okay: you already use the "song" features to help you exercise & lose belly fat, putting together a play list to help inspire you to lift bigger weights at the gym or playing an exciting song that helps us get through those long, tough miles on the treadmill. But that's not what we're talking about here. If you again refer to your iPod Nano, you can find a "stopwatch" feature that is great for helping you to track your workout. No actual stopwatch required! If you're going to be bringing your Nano along on the workout anyway, you might as well make full use of its many features: the stopwatch can help you time intense running sessions or time your overall speed for a mile run. The more you measure, the more you'll feel inspired to break your own personal bests.

File backups: Information is a major commodity these days, and in order to make sure that your information is safe, it helps to have a backup made. Of course, you'll want to use your professional-grade backup systems in order to make sure your computers are backed up properly, but it can't hurt to backup some multimedia files - that ones that can be downloaded to your iPod - by keeping them handy on your gadget. You never know when your computer may con out on you and having an iPod file backup can be a great, quick way to access the appropriate lost files.

Studying: If you use your iPod when you've got some down time, why not use that downtime to study? You can easily make a recording of yourself listing facts that you need to remember for that final exam down the line - just play it occasionally for some help throughout the year. It can really help you to remember facts better if you are reminded of them occasionally, so why not create a sound file of you repeating those facts to occasionally play for yourself? Take five minutes of time out of an occasional day and you might be surprised at how well the facts stick.