Four Tips for Avoiding iPod Troubles at School or At Work

iPod Touch

Whether you're attending school or working in an office, it's important to sneak in some leisure time in order to feel rested and rejuvenated throughout the day. If you can meet anyone capable of eight straight hours of work, or an hour and a half of undivided attention, then you've met an extremely rare fellow indeed. Most of us need distractions, and when we have an iPod, we have easy access to those distractions.

The trick, of course, is not letting this distraction become such a nuisance that it interferes with our responsibilities. Far and away the best way to avoiding iPod "issues" when at school or at work is to avoid breaking the rules in the first place. But there are some great ways you can sneak in some iPod time without getting the boss angry or having the teacher call you out. Here's how.

Keep your iPod where it belongs: on a lunch break.

If you have no other recourse, it's best to use the iPod during a lunch break, or simply outside of class. You'll avoid stepping over the boss's - or the teacher's - toes and you'll still be able to feel like you're really enjoying some leisure time. CodeClimber feels the same way about using your iPod while on a break: it's a great way to relieve some stress and to get your head in a different place than it was just moments before. Playing a soothing song or even an energetic one is great for rejuvenating the mind and keeping your intuition sharp. When it comes to high school or college, it's best to avoid stuffing your ear with audio equipment unless you're free to do so. There may be exceptions, and we'll address those.

Make sure you're a good student - or good employee.

If you're valuable, the boss is more likely to give you leeway when you're at work, and willing to say yes to allowing you a few comforts. It's easier to simply keep you happy that way than try to "manage" you into behaving differently. The same is true in the classroom. If you've proven to be an effective, participating student, your teacher is more likely to believe that you're capable of handling an iPod in the right situations. When you ask for permission - as you will in the next tip - it is more likely that your teacher or your boss will answer in the affirmative.

Ask permission to use headphones.

If your class is quietly employing study time or if you're going to need to be doing data entry, there's a perfectly good spot to ask your superior or teacher about using headphones. In many cases, letting them know that you won't disturb other workers or classmates is what can get you a "Yes." Just make sure that you never abuse this power when you are granted it; you don't want to lose the privileges. Make sure you play your iPod at a volume that isn't crushing your ears and distracting other people - it should be virtually silent to everyone else. You might even want to keep the volume turned a little low just to make sure.

Take off the headphones when the teacher or boss is in a bad mood.

You don't want the teacher/boss to associate your iPod with their negative emotions, so sometimes it's best to sit and quietly work. You can get away with more iPod usage by asking permission when the teacher/boss is in a good mood. Don't use their mood, however, as an excuse not to ask permission before you first use the iPod.