How To Add Music To Your iPod (Even Without iTunes)


Adding Music To Your iPod

You may have thought that putting music on your iPod was a simple task.

Although it is not too difficult, it is not uncommon for people to get stuck, while trying to add their tunes.

Some basic information can go a long way in putting you on the right track.

Putting Music on Your Macintosh Formatted iPod Using a Macintosh Computer

  • By default your iPod automatically goes to sync songs.  When your computer is in automatic mode, iTunes automatically updates your device's music library (downloads and erases songs) when you connect it to your computer
  • Manual mode allows you to download music from the library of a second computer.  Set your iPod to manual mode, in iTunes select your device, click the summary tab, click “manually manage music and videos”, click OK in dialogue box, click apply

 Putting Music on Your iPod Using a Windows System

If you have an Apple iPod you need to use Apple iTunes to put music on your iPod. If you try to use Windows Media Player it will not work.  Windows Media Player can only see the iPod as a hard disk, but the section on the iPod which stores music is hidden.

  • To start, get a recent copy of iTunes on your PC; you can get one from
  • Launch the latest version of the iTunes program
  • Once you have installed iTunes, go to the iTunes music store and click on your iPod “name”
  • Download music by clicking the browse button on the iTunes screen or from the iTunes Library link
  • You can also set up iPod preferences

 Putting Free Music on Your iPod with iTunes

iPods are automatically compatible with music from the iTunes store; however you can still put music that you have downloaded from other free sources by adding them to your iTunes library.  This is ideal for fans of independent musicians, royalty-free music and some popular music

  • First of all create a folder for your music and save it in a place on your computer that you will remember
  • Download your free music from royalty-free sites or use ad-supported services like spiral frog to get popular music (like top 40s)
  • Import the tunes that you have in your folder to the iTunes library. Go to the file menu and select "Add file to library." Select the folder and click "OK." Your songs appear in iTunes
  • You can use the auto-sync enabled feature, to add files to your iPod automatically. If not, you can drag music files to your iPod with the manual sync option

Other Options for Putting Music on Your iPod

If you don’t want to use iTunes to download music to your iPod there are other options.

  • First, configure your iPod as a portable device; Apple has a tutorial explaining how you can do this
  • Explorer (Anapod), developed by Red Chair Software allows you to manage your iPod content through internet explorer for a price; it is compatible with a number of Windows programs. These are, 98, 200, ME, Vista, and XP.
  • Floola is a free software option and works with Linux, Windows (including Vista), and Mac OS X.  Floola allows you to download videos and music to and from your iPod, on almost any computer. It also scans for songs in duplicate and removes any found
  • Winamp Plugin is another popular option for managing your iPod; if you are using one of the older versions of Winamp, you will have to put the iPod plug-in on your computer
  • Xplay allows you to drag and then drop music for easy management of your iPod.  You also have the option of configuring your iPod with your computer music selection for automatic downloaded.  There is a cost for Xplay.

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