How to Convert Video to Your iPod

Video on iPod

If you're already a veteran of all things Apple, you already know that it's easy to buy a television show or movie off of iTunes and download it onto your iPod.

But what if you already have a library of Blu Ray DVDs – sitting on two layers of DVD shelves?

Buying that second copy of Broken Arrow for use on your iPod may seem like overkill.  Instead, learn how to save a few bucks by ripping and converting your DVDs onto your iPod.


Converting Video via Your Mac Computer

First, for you Apple buffs, you can learn how to convert videos to your iPod via your desktop or laptop Mac computer.  Don't worry; Apple encourages this, even offering a tutorial that tells you how to do it.  That tutorial, in a nutshell:

  • Make sure you have QuickTime version 7.0.3 or later.  (It's free to download.)
  • Open QuickTime Pro.  (If you don't have this one, it does cost money to buy.)  Open up the movie you want to play on your iPod, and click File -> Export.
  • At the Export menu, you'll see that you can choose different file types to export your video as.  Click "Movie to iPod" and then "Save."  (Note:  Make sure you remember where you saved your file!)
  • Once the file is saved, open up iTunes 6 and drag your movie file into your iTunes library.  Now you can simply sync your iPod with iTunes like when you add new songs, and your video will be available on your iPod.


Converting Video via Windows

Of course, not everyone with an iPod also has a Mac.  Luckily, PC World offers a detailed tutorial for converting DVDs to your iPod:  you'll need the help of some free downloaded software.

  • Download HandBrake Lite; you'll be able to "rip" a DVD by inserting it into your CD/DVD-drive and opening up this program.  Note that some DVDs will have protections against this.
  • The program should give you an options list:  since you want to convert the movie, avoid converting DVD extras.  The movie, of course, will have the longest duration of all of these videos.  This is the video you'll want to rip.
  • Once this is running, have something else to do, like running some errands.  The rip should take a while, but once it's finished, you will have an iPod-ready file that you can share with your iPod like a song.