How to Transfer Songs From – Not To – Your iPod

When it comes to the world of digital music, we have become rabid consumers.  We are interested in more, more, more, and thanks to the convenience of the iPod and similar digital technology, our appetite for new music is quickly met.  But what if you're not looking to download new music to your iPod, and instead are looking for the reverse:  moving song files from your iPod to your computer?

It's a conundrum that, even if it hasn't dazzled the minds of theoretical physicists, has left many curious or frustrated.  After all, moving songs to an iPod is such a basic proposition that we expect everything related to an iPod to work with the same type of plug-it-in, forget-about-it simplicity.  But aging baby boomers aren't the only ones left frustrated with this operation:  how exactly do you move songs from your iPod?


The first place you'll need to look is for the "Transfer Purchases from iPod" feature, which allows you to move the songs you've purchased from your iPod back to a computer.  Of course, while this feature is easy to use, its limitation is for music you've bought via iTunes.  Many of us like to upload songs from CD onto our iPods, so how can you move those songs back to a different computer?

You'll have to download some software.  CNet is kind enough to share them with us:  take a look at Pod to Mac and Pod to PC.  Check out this video if either operation confuses you.  Don't worry - the video is only some two and a half minutes long.

What are the applications of this kind of technology?  You'll be far less limited when it comes to moving your music around, and if your computer has crashed and you've lost your music, you'll be able to bring your digital library back to life by re-downloading from your iPod.  You'll also be able to bring songs to your friends' houses, making music sharing that much easier.

Remember:  even though downloading music from your iPod can be frustrating, it will just take a little bit of time to master the process.  Be patient, pay attention to instructions, and you'll have a new skill for life - until the next generation of music technology emerges.