How to Use an iPod Shuffle Without Going Crazy

iPod Shuffle

Even if you're a technology buff who loves a good gadget, there's a possibility that the stripped-down, simple build of the iPod Shuffle vexes even you.

It can be difficult to find out which songs are being played, when they're being played, and how to get to the song you really like.

If you've ever wondered how to program your iPod Shuffle to work the way you want it to work - and after all, many Shuffle owners don't need the frills anyway - then this article is for you.

First, make sure to consult's tutorial on using an iPod Shuffle.  If you want to learn how to upload your songs because you haven't even done that yet, that article will tell you what you need to do, and possibly what you've been doing wrong.  After you're able to get your songs onto the shuffle, let's take a look at how you can get them working the way you want.

It's important to remember that the playlist you want to upload is how the playlist will function on your Shuffle.  For example, if you want a certain song to go first, you'll put it at the top of your playlist in the very first spot.  Some people find that organizing a playlist so that the songs naturally segue into each other is a great way to simply set your iPod Shuffle and forget about all of the, well, shuffling.  This is a particularly effective strategy if you plan on bringing your Shuffle while traveling or working out.

The Shuffle's simple interface will allow you to go between songs if you need to.  All you have to do is press "next" or "previous" - the arrows pointing left or right - in order to do that.  Other simple buttons like pause and volume are also on the main "dashboard" of your shuffle, all in one place.

It's possible to get a little more complicated with your Shuffle and learn, for example, about the iPod Shuffle integrated earphone controls.  If you really want to get your Shuffle to "set it and forget it" status, then you'll want to do all of the work upfront.  Spend a good half hour or so learning about the different features of the iPod Shuffle, and program your playlist according to your liking.  After you've done that, you shouldn't have much trouble in the future, as you'll have learned many of the ins and outs of one of Apple's simplest contraptions.

Now, if only you could figure out your DVD player...