How to Use an iPod to Get Fit

Running With The iPod

Unfortunately, many of us are so ignorant into the many benefits of an iPod that we think the only way an iPod can help get us in shape is by keeping our minds energized and focused with some music during a workout.

As you're about to see, that's not exactly how it always is. You can use Apple's Nike + iPod series to change the way you work out and get more serious about your level of fitness.

But what exactly does this series do for you? After all, the iPod is great, but it's not exactly a personal trainer. Is it? Let's find out.

Using the Nike + iPod on a Run

When you use the full hookup - meaning using the proper iPod (such as a Nano or a Touch) as well as the right Nike equipment - then your iPod can actually do more things for you like count the miles you've run. Take a look at Apple's Nike + iPod page to check out exactly how this works and what you'll have to do in order to get it set up. Imagine the different possibilities: if you're training for a run, for example, you don't have to worry about counting laps. You can simply concentrate on a focused workout or let the music you're listening to distract you away from the challenge as you run. If you've ever been a serious runner before, you might realize just how beneficial you can be. And if you're running on the road, having less distractions can help you pay more attention to your overall safety. That's definitely a bonus.

By the way, counting miles isn't it: you can check out how many calories you've burned and track your time - in other words, it's like bringing treadmill technology out on a run with you. The best of both worlds: like running a treadmill but doing it in the open air with a view.

At the Gym

Speaking of the treadmill, the Nike + iPod technology doesn't have to keep you limited to the outdoors. You can get a great belly fat burning workout inside when the whether outside is terrible but you don't want to skip out on a workout because of a rainy day. You can hook up your iPod to gym machines and even sync things up between your workouts and your iPod. You'll be able to watch movies while you're on the bike, for example, without losing track of where you are or where your workout is taking you.


Discipline, by definition, doesn't come easy. But as technology progresses, we find newer and newer ways to help push ourselves: and one of those ways is by measuring our progress. Obviously, no workout program can work out for you: and you wouldn't get the same benefits psychologically or physically as you do with natural workouts anyway. What you can do, however, is use a program like Nike + iPod as a supplement to your identity-level change. You can use it to help inspire you on your journey and remind you where you're headed.

If you really want to use the Nike + iPod features to help with your workout, then take a look at all of the different equipment that's necessary to make it work, as well as the features you might see yourself using. You'd be amazed at the high quality of the information you can find out about your workout through simple, relatively small devices, and as you read more about working out, we'll bet that you feel more inspired to make this new kind of lifestyle happen. It's all about inspiration, momentum, discipline, and the persistence to see your goals through to the end.