iPod Earphones – The Easiest Way to Enhance the Experience

iPod Earphones

You can own the greatest iPod in the world, but unless you've got the earphones to go with it, it's just a hunk of metal and electronics.

If you want great iPod earphones that don't only make your music and movies sound great, but actually rest comfortable inside your lobes, then it's time to pay special attention to the oft-forgotten essential to the iPod experience.

Here are some variables to consider and earphone products to peruse:

  • Comfort. You have to start with comfort, because if your earphones feel like they're sanding away at the insides of your ears, chances are that it doesn't matter how good the song sounds.  Stroll through Apple's iPod earphones store and find some in-ear  earphones that actually provide some degree of comfort for your head.  It will be a wise purchase.
  • Sound. Of course, you can't ignore the sound-moving quality of electronics giants like Sony, which offers their own earphones that go well with the iPod interface.  You'll want to make sure you can hear lucid sound, even at low volumes.  It's hard to enjoy a long train or plane ride  if your iPod's earphones don't even broadcast the audio to your ears well - even if the earphones are comfortable.
  • Noise-cancellation. Grouping together with "sound," you'll also want to view noise-cancellation as one of the important variables here.  You can combine great sound and great comfort, as we suggested above, but without some degree of noise cancellation, you'll be a slave to your environment.  If you want to block out the sound of a jet engine, the back of a car on the highway, or the hustle and bustle of city life, then you'll need earphones that adequately cancel out external sounds and tune you in to what's happening on your iPod.

Good iPod earphones should provide top quality in each of the variables above.

You don't only need sound, but you need sound despite the environment, and you need comfort on your ears - or else it will all be for naught.  Don't expect your earphones to change your life forever; but they should increase the quality of your listening when it's time to tune in to your latest downloads from iTunes. 

If you can, try a few iPod earphones out before you use them; if your friend has a great pair of earphones, ask him where he got them and buy a pair for yourself.