iPod in Australia: Just How Popular Is It?

iPod In Australia

When you read about the iPod on the Internet, you often find that people aren't talking about the iPod in Australia;

Instead, they're talking about U.S. prices, or popularity in the U.K., or some general "international" popularity that doesn't always apply down under.

But just how popular is the iPod in Australia, and how often will you see your Mate carrying one of his own?


To answer that question, it's a good idea to start at the source: Apple.  Apple's Australian iPod hub is virtually the same as its other web sites, including the American and U.K. versions.  With the news that Apple has streamlined its iPod distribution in Australia, it's fairly easy to say that the iPod is as popular here in Australia as it is anywhere else in the western world.

The growing presence of Apple stores in Australia has also mirrored the success of the iPod.

International Sales Numbers

Back in 2007, the iPod hit over half of the Australian market share, according to iLounge.com, which rivaled the market share of the iPod in the U.S. at the time, around 70%. That's not too shabby, especially since Apple is an American-based company selling overseas.

You can also check out a pie chart at Mashable.com that takes a look at the international sales of the iPod by a continent breakdown - you'll find that Western Europe generally dominates the international iPod sales.

Is It Enough?

There are some who would complain that Apple's presence in Australia has been token, and that its international popularity has fueled its popularity in Australia.  But walk down any given street in Sydney long enough and you would be hard-pressed not to find the influence of the iPod or the iPhone in some fashion; it's true that the iPod is truly a global product, even if overall sales numbers seem to favor North America and Western Europe.

If you want to know how popular it is to own an iPod in Australia, you need to experience it for yourself - because it seems like just about everyone has one.  While Australia might not represent a major market share for the iPod's international sales, that doesn't mean its popularity here in Australia is far less than its popularity in the U.S., Canada, or Britain.  If you're an Australian, simply ask yourself this:  do you own one, or do you know someone who does?