Mophie Juice Pack – Add-On Battery for iPod Touch

iPod users will be familiar with the anguish and torment involved with running out of battery.

Not only are you stuck with a useless brick to carry around until you can a) get home or b) find a friend with a computer and the requisite iPod lead, but you also miss out on the joy of patrolling the streets to the sound of your favorite (legally) downloaded albums.

It makes sense, then, that Mophie have sought to vastly enhance the battery life of the unique audio/video/internet tool, the iPod Touch. The Juice Pack has been placed on the market at $99.95 (rechargeable Lithium batteries have never been cheap) and will give up to 42 hours audio playback or 7 hours of video.

The Juice Pack attaches conveniently to the Touch and also acts as a case to improve the hardiness of the otherwise fragile piece of hardware. On the back of ‘The Pack’ you’ll find four LEDs that will light up/go out in accordance with the amount of battery life remaining. There’s also a USB pass-through design so you won’t have to take the Juice Pack off every time you want to sync your Touch.

Another very useful function is the intelligent power distribution. The Pack is configured so that your iPod Touch will always use the Pack’s power first- meaning that you can simply detach when you run out of power and you’ll have a fully charged Touch on your hands!

This, it seems, is quite the useful tool. That is, of course, if you have a hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket.