Over-Hyped Singers who Can Actually Sing

Taylor SwiftFame isn't necessarily a good thing when a celebrity becomes too popular.

That's when the backlash starts to happen, and these days things can get pretty bad with the internet and social networking. It doesn't take long before a star reaches the top and then people start to knock them down.

It happens all the time in the music world as rabid fans build their favorite singers up just as quickly as people on the other side trying to tear them down. One thing that can get lost in this whirlwind of noise and hype is actual talent. Sometimes stars get criticized for the wrong reasons and people forget these entertainers can actually sing.

Here is a list of singers who might be embroiled in controversy and overexposure, but they actually have a good voice when you cut away all the excess.

Justin Bieber

This little guy is growing up before our eyes, and hopefully he won't get swallowed up by the machine of celebrity. He's already embroiled in a paternity controversy and the paparazzi follows him everywhere he goes. You might even remember that Kim Kardashian got death threats from rabid Justin Bieber fans simply for hanging out with him last year. All of this takes away from the fact that this young man actually has quite a bit of talent. If you strip everything else away and boil it down to his voice and dancing ability, it will remind you of why he became popular in the first place. Let's hope things don't get so crazy that he loses it all as he gets older.

Lady Gaga

When you take away the meat dress, the egg chariots, and the cross-dressing, what you have is one of the most beautiful voices in modern music today. A lot of people don't give Lady Gaga credit for her voice because everything else is so distracting. But she is also a master manipulator of media which is why she gets so much attention in the first place. She plays the press like no one else and she has her finger on the pulse of current trends. But she can also sing up a storm with nothing more than a piano at her side, and it's an incredible thing to hear her live because she doesn't lip sync.

Selena Gomez

It's hard for some teens to grow out of the Disney shadow and make a career on their own. So far with two solid hits under her belt, Selena Gomez seems to be doing just fine. It's due in no small part to her recent partnership with one of the most popular teen singers around, Justin Bieber. But it seems that young Ms. Gomez actually has a bit of singing talent yourself as witnessed in her catchy tunes. She seems to be doing a lot better than her rivals Miranda Cosgrove and Miley Cyrus, and hopefully things keep improving from here.

Taylor Swift

It was a little bit shaky there for a while because people were starting to doubt Swift’s singing ability. She had some not so stellar live performances at award shows, and of course that whole debacle with Kanye West. That wasn't her fault, but then the attention started to switch from her music to who she was dating. Her music was getting lost in the shuffle and she had to get back to basics. Taylor Swift concentrated on her live act and since then has become one of the best-selling concert acts in America. She recently won entertainer of the year at the AMA which is something you don't do if you can't sing.

Kanye West

Speaking of Kanye West, this man is actually loaded with lots of talent. People love to hate him and some folks just hate him out right. But there is no more influential person in music today. He creates tunes and combinations of sounds that no one else can even touch. He can create trends before they happen and as long as he can stay out of trouble, he should be around the scene for a long time to come. His music is powerful, entertaining, and at a different level than almost anyone else in the game. He can rap like no one else and he has the ability to carry a tune when necessary.

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