Samsung Q2 – iPod Nano Alternative

In answer to Apple’s release of the iPod Nano, Samsung released it’s very own slimline “Yepp” series Mp3 player. In its latest form, it’s called the Samsung Q2 PMP, and it’s really very impressive.

The most outstanding statistic regarding this particular piece of merchandise is its ability to give you up to 50 hours of playback, whilst retaining its svelte figure (the last two products in the Yepp range weighed a negligible 2.15 ounces).


That’s a whole lot of playback in return for your charging time. Regrettably, this excellent performance does not extend to the video playback function- a simple WMA file will reduce the battery life to a mere 4 hours in between charges.

The new model sports much the same features as its predecessor, with the small addition of compatibility with some new file formats (WMA OGG and FLAC).

Those of you waiting for Wi-fi or even bluetototh connectivity will have to continue holding your breath, as there is no such function here.

Looks-wise, the Samsung bears a passing resemblance to an iPhone with a keypad at the bottom, which isn’t at all unpleasant.

Currently the Q2 is available in 8GB and 16GB models and you can choose from a black one, or (alas) a white one.

Word has it that this will launch at a (fairly reasonable $200 but there has been no confirmation from Samsung as yet).

At this price, it could well find a niche next to the Nano in an already overcrowded market.