The Five Best Uses for an iPod

The term "iPod" has a pretty fluid definition these days - I might be talking about the Shuffle, the Nano, or even the Touch.  But while they all vary in their degree of technological sophistication, they do share some common functions and duties that we love to use in our quest for personal gadget perfection.  At the same time, there is the old axiom "KISS:  Keep It Simple, Stupid."  With that in mind, here are the five best uses for an iPod.

1.  Diversion. Whether you're out on a long bicycle ride or traveling on a train to see some loved ones, the iPods always seem to come most in handy when we've simply got nothing else to do.  The diversion of a good song or watching an episode of our favorite television show on the iPod Touch can make the time pass quicker while we're doing something we know is good for us in the long run.

2.  Listening to music. There's nothing like coordinating an iPod playing list to coincide with your workout, inspiring you to challenge yourself, or downloading an entire album the first day it's released and bring it with you in your pocket.  The iPod is essentially about listening to music, even if the fancier versions like the Touch can do a lot more.

3.  Living portably. Mobility is a big thing these days, when you're simply a plane ride in between two continents most of the time.  You can live portably with your iPod, bringing music you downloaded in Sweden with you back to the states, or downloading a song you heard in Australia and listening to it on a plane ride to Hong Kong.  Even if your travel schedule isn't quite so hectic, it's great to bring songs with you in your pocket on your way to work.

4.  Staying up-to-date. Using iTunes and your iPod together, it's easy to stay up-to-date on your music, television shows, and even films.  You can look at recommendations, playlists, albums, and even sort searches by a specific artist - it's not like the old days of sifting through CD's in the music store.

5.  Personalization. The more sophisticated the iPod, the more you can customize it, but no iPod is alike because everyone has different playlists.  In the past, personal electronics were more like Model-T's:  the same one worked for everyone.  These days, personal gadgets are much more customizable.