The iPod Touch: A Cheap Alternative to the iPad and the iPhone?

iPod Touch VS iPhone

When it comes to smart phones, tablets, and their overall functions, you can't beat gadgets like the iPhone and the newly-released iPad.

Even Apple's own successful line of iPod products doesn't really measure up - although the closest product available, the iPod Touch, does closely resemble the iPhone.

While the iPhone might set you back a pretty penny so that you can have added features like the calling option, is the iPod Touch - often far less expensive - a better option if you want to save money?

The answer is a resounding "maybe." Like just about any other purchase, it will really depend on your wants, your needs, and the amount of money you have coming in each month. If you want to save money, the iPod Touch can be a cheaper option. But whether or not it's the better option is up for debate.


The iPod Touch is the most advanced iPod on the market - there's no doubt that it beats out the features of other iPod products like the iPod Shuffle and even the iPod Classic. Its larger screen makes it easier to play games, watch television shows and enjoy movies - and it's also a great feature to have when you simply want to interface with the device itself. No, there's no patented "Clickwheel" on the iPod Touch, but what it lacks in Clickwheels it more than makes up for in overall functionality and features.

And what exactly are those features? A good way to get a more comprehensive list is to check out CNet's review of the first-generation iPod Touch. If you're buying a used iPod Touch, you'll know that at the very least it should have these same features because that first-generation Touch is as old as it gets.

Calling the iPod Touch the iPhone's "baby brother," CNet notes that a lot of the features you get on the iPhone are available on the Touch, minus - of course - the phone feature itself. The iPod Touch will give you internet access if you can find a WiFi hotspot and allows you to check email, write yourself notes, and keep track of your schedule on a calendar.


Surprisingly, the iPod Touch can be remarkably similar in price to the iPhone these days, particularly if you're comparing a new iPod Touch to an older-generation iPhone. Of course, we would be dishonest if we didn't mention that the iPhone often comes with the AT&T plan that requires a monthly investment in addition to the initial purchase of the product itself - the iPod Touch, of course, can easily be had without a similar commitment.

If you really want an electronics device similar to the iPhone without that monthly commitment, then an iPod Touch is probably for you. It may be pricey to order one off of the Apple web site, but at least you will be done with your purchase that month! If you find yourself struggling to make rent every month, adding an iPhone should be something you do with a very contemplative attitude.

Deciding which gadget is best for you and your financial situation isn't so hard if you have a lot of money to spare - and, after all, the iPhone is actually a gadget that will meet your phone needs. If you absolutely need a cellular phone and want a smart phone that has capabilities similar to the iPhone, it might be best not to buy an iPod Touch and a cellular phone - you can simply have both in one with the iPhone.

Which is best for you? Take a look at your bank account and ask yourself which product is the wiser investment. Try to separate your wants and actually consider the impact each device would have on your finances - and whether, with the iPhone, the monthly costs may actually be worth the price. They just might!