Three iPod Innovations


Let’s face it: using an iPod in today’s world is not a major hassle.

Sure, sometimes it might be annoying to hook it up and sync with your computer, but on the whole, using an iPod means a great amount of access to lots of music without the hardware of cassette tapes, radios, or CDs. (For those of you who were born in the 1990s, you might remember “cassette tapes” as....well, you might not remember them at all.)

So how can you actually ramp up the appeal of the iPod - its convenience - and actually make it more convenient? After all, the iPod is already small, easy to use, holds plenty of songs and video, and - well, what more could you ask for?

As it turns out, technology always has room for improvement. That’s exactly what we’ll be watching out for here in this article, as we explore three ways the iPod can become even better and, in doing so, even more user-friendly.

1. Turning the iPod into a watch.

Of course, when you have a device like the iPod, which serves very specific functions, one way to make it even more convenient is to pair it up with other functions.

You have these capabilities in smart phones, which also play music, but we’re talking about the iPod, not the iPhone. How might the iPod pair up with other features to become an even more convenient device?

Simple. Consider an idea like putting the iPod Nano onto a watch. Wearing an iPod on your wrist makes things that much easier, especially if you’re sick of your iPod shaking in your pocket as you go for your morning run in an attempt to get fit. Imagine being able to take a look at your iPod for a quick check-up of your running time, or simply to find out if you’re late to that errand you have to run and you see why this might be a little more convenient than simply having an iPod in your pocket. The smaller iPods get, the more the iPod watch becomes feasible.

2. Enabling Bluetooth and Bluetooth-like capabilities.

A lot of people love Bluetooth features these days. They like being able to speak on the iphone in the car without having to use a hand for their cell phone. They like being able to walk around and simply press a buton to connect to their phone rather than dig through a purse or deep into their pockets. Let’s face it: the Bluetooth is likely here to stay.

And yet, without certain improvements, this isn’t quite as probable. That’s why the Bluetooth functions we now know and (sometimes) love should be part of our everyday gadget experience. On the iPod, for example, you can simply take your device around with you and play songs on your car radio, shower radio, wirelessly sync with your computer - heck, you name it, and wireless abilities mean there’s plenty of places for the iPod of the future to go.

3. Getting smaller.

For many of the above functions to work, of course, we’ve got to be able to have an iPod that is even smaller than the modern ones we see today. Yeah, an iPod Shuffle is about as small as it gets, but before you know it, a small iPod that you can easily wear as part of a watch or cell phone will be able to hook up wirelessly to other devices as we described in #2. Being small helps expand convenience, especially if you’re talking about an iPod whose music functions can be added to a range of other functions, as we saw in #1.