Three Tips for Keeping Your iPod Touch Secure

iPhone Password

Let's face it:  the iPod Touch is a good product.

If iPods and iPhones weren't such good products, they wouldn't have become as popular as they are.  That's the good news.  As for the bad news, a popular product means that you're going to face certain problems with security.  After all, if everyone knows how to open a door knob, the door knob becomes a useless way to keep people out of your room.  With that in mind, here are three tips for keeping your iPod Touch secure, especially since so many people know how to use them.

1.  Set a password lock.

One of the most basic (and easiest) things you can do is set a password lock on your iPod Touch.  As notes, you simply need to go to Settings -> Passcode Lock in order to do this.  Remember that common passwords like simple words are a bad way to go, and you're better off memorizing a random set of letters and numbers.  Once you get used to this password, you'll have an easy time logging into your iPod Touch; everyone else won't.

2.  Watch for security Apps to come out.

The world of the iPhone and iPod App is still young, so there aren't necessarily a lot of Apps that will overhaul your iPod Touch's security systems for you.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be on the watch for them.  Subscribe to an App blog or two online so that you can receive updates - even send the bloggers questions asking about any potential security updates for the iPod Touch.  Once something new and exciting comes along, you're bound to hear about it because you've put in your due diligence.  If you want some Apps right away, check out this article.

3.  Don't lose "touch" with your iPod Touch.

If you don't want people stealing your iPod Touch altogether, you'll want to get in the habit of keeping it secure.  If you're traveling, keep in mind that pickpockets can get to it if you simply leave it in a loose pocket.  Build a habit out of putting away your iPod Touch when you're not using it.  The more you build on this habit, the less you'll have to think about it each time.

You can't always remain 100% secure that no one will mess with or steal your iPod Touch, but take a little bit of action and you'll be better protected against the unknown.