Ultimate iPod Drop Test – Which Generation Is Best?

Ultimate iPod Drop TestAs much as we love our iPods and iPhone's, there's always someone who's recently suffered a cracked screen.

It makes you question if a product is worth buying, if it's so easily breakable. Seeing as we usually keep our iPod's in our pockets, it's a poignant question to ask :

Which iPod survives a fall the best?

We found this video where a guy systematically drops a range iPod's, one from each generation. The results are quite telling. It seems earlier generations were better made, and can endure more damage.

This makes sense. As the iPod's have been developed, with each generation comes a 'thinner / lighter' design. This also generally means that the iPod would be less protected should it be dropped. Lighter materials in production lead to weaker designs.

However, there also seems to be a random element involved. Sometimes an iPod's screen will break, other times not at all. It's like rolling a dice.

The angle it lands on depends can literally make or break an iPod! Watch on in this awesome video, and have a look for yourself