Union Puts Up £1,000 Reward to See Sentimental iPod Returned to Late Firefighter’s Daughter

Alan Bannon's Daughter

Alan Bannon's Daughter, Abi (Source)

It was not just an ordinary blue iPod Nano that was stolen from the family car in Little Lance’s Hill between 9:15 PM and 10 PM on January 25. This fourth-generation iPod belonged to a girl whose father was a hero of the Fire Brigade Union. The irreplaceable gadget was the most sentimental gift that Alan Bannon’s daughter had in order to have another connection with him even after his death.

Alan Bannon died in the line of duty in Shirley towers in 2010 when he was only 38. As a fireman, Bannon spent many years of his life keeping people safe and giving them help in the worst day of their lives. His daughter Abigail received her iPod Nano from her mother. It contained songs that her father would sing to her in bed when he was still alive.

It was Charlotte Bannon, Alan’s widow, who gave their five-year-old daughter the iPod Nano that contained the songs of ACDC, Korn, and Pink Floyd. It was the sort of music that their daughter Abigail would listen to whenever she felt sad.

Because of their sympathy towards their late co-worker’s family, the Fire Brigade Union has offered a £1,000 reward for any good information that should lead to the safe return of the most treasured iPod Nano. Charlotte says that she really appreciates the efforts of the FBU in making a resolution to have the gadget returned to her daughter.

The Fire Brigade Union is also appealing to the thief of the iPod Nano to have a heart and to return the stolen gadget. In fact, the family was able to restore many of the songs in the stolen iPod Nano. However, the device itself cannot be replaced, especially with its great sentimental value.

Matt Wrack, the FBU general secretary, said that while everyone was running away from sure danger during fires, Alan Bannon bravely faced all these dangers. The FBU sympathized so much with Bannon’s family, thus through the camaraderie among the firefighters, they were able to think of a way to help search for the stolen gadget.

Abigail would listen to the songs in the iPod Nano during her car trips with her mother. When Abigail heard about the £1,000 reward, she thought that although it was all bad lately, there is still a lot of good happening. Anyone with important information about the stolen iPod Nano should contact FBU through Press@fbu.org.uk.