Watch Kids Reactions To The Very First iPod

Kids React To The First iPod

Kids React To The First iPod

Apple came out with the very first iPod quite a few years ago, but back then it was a revolutionary device.

With 6GB Hard Drive, a body which resembled the size of a pack of cards, and a very simply (but still effective) user interface, it hit shelves with fanfare (this was back before the Apple Store existed).

However, comparing it to today's sleek iPod Touch models, the very first original iPod First Generation (1st GEN) plaes in comparison.

The original iPod only had a headphone port, and no speakers were built in.

Still, back then, it was a great product to carry around with you, and much smaller then the CD player options and other MP3 players that were available.

Watch the video below to see today's generation of kids react to the very first iPod.

Some of their expressions and reactions are priceless! Whilst some kids are definitely in the know, others have no clue, including how to get sound out of the thing!