What Are the Advantages of the iPod over the iPhone?

iPod Touch vs iPhone

The iPhone is all the rage these days - from looking up your GPS-fed location to downloading the latest App, it seems like everyone has one, or wants to get one.  But before the iPhone, we had the iPod, the innovation from half a decade ago that fast-forwarded our ability to listen to music, videos, and other audio on the go.  Today, customers are faced with a choice:  to buy the iPod, or to shell out a little more and buy an iPhone.

It might seem like an easy decision.  But when you see just how close the iPod Touch has become to the iPhone, you start to see that the line is a little more blurry than you originally thought.  Some people simply can't afford an iPhone, and the only way to enjoy something that's close to the iPhone experience is to buy the iPod Touch for a flat fee.

The first advantage iPods have over the iPhone is just that: cost.  While the iPhone is become more and more accessible to people without a high budget range, it's still not quite as dirt-cheap as some iPods, from the double-digit-dollar iPod Shuffles to the more expensive iPod Touch.  If you want the experience of an iPhone without the "Phone," it's simple:  you get an iPod Touch.

But cost is an easy one.  What other advantages are there to purchasing an iPod rather than an iPhone?  There is always the possibility that customers want to keep their music and their phone separate - heck, some people prefer to avoid cell phones altogether.

A lot of people enjoy having their cell phone and their music and Apps all in the same place, and this is where the iPhone delivers.  The iPhone also comes with more internet coverage, as the iPod Touch is limited to where you can find a WiFi connection.

But if you have a specific taste in cellular phones and don't believe that the iPhone is the right one for you, it's possible you can still enjoy the music storage and other features of the iPod.

For most people, the advantages of an iPod over an iPhone are on a case-by-case basis.  A lot of people will simply find that the iPhone is a better option, even with the higher cost and regular monthly phone charge.  Others will find that they only want an iPod.  Who's right?  The better question is:  what's right for you?