Which iPod Should You Buy?

Apple iPod Range

Deciding which iPod is the right iPod to buy for you is a little like picking out your favorite movie - sometimes, you just can't pick one. But when you just want to buy one and aren't sure about which one will suit your lifestyle the best, then you've got a clear choice to make: there's no point in buying an iPod Shuffle if you already own an iPod Classic. That's why this article will take you through a tour of all the iPod models in order to steer you in the right direction.

Which iPod is best for you? Check out our description of each and try to see which one might just tickle your fancy.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle is the smallest, simplest, and cheapest you can buy - essentially, if all you're looking for is a way to transport your music and occasionally listen to them while you're on a bus or passing some time during a workout, there's no need to spring for anything that's more expensive than a Shuffle. You can even make sure to check out sites like Craigslist or eBay to buy even cheaper versions of the Shuffle. There's no fun "clickwheel" here, which is a disadvantage: without screen navigation, it can be harder to identify the songs you have on the Shuffle.

Even if you're a poor college student, you can probably afford a Shuffle to at least carry many of your favorite songs with you. There are plenty of negatives here, as you can't have video on the iPod Shuffle, you can't take pictures, and you can't really even navigate through your songs the way you might prefer. Even so, the Shuffle is the ideal choice for the minimalist or the stingy shopper.

The iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is what you might consider your "standard" iPod nowadays: it has all the new features you'd expect from this kind of product - capturing video, playing video, etc. - and also makes a great way to store your music if you simply want to listen to a play list while you're on the treadmill. The Nano is small and light - though not quite as small as a Shuffle can get - which makes it an excellent option for anyone who appreciates simplicity but wants more features out of their iPod. The Nano isn't as inexpensive as the Shuffle but you may just find that it's worth a little more money upfront.

The iPod Classic

An iPod Classic isn't what it used to be - with megastorage available now, you can house tens of thousands of songs. You can also keep videos on your iPod Classic, which distinguishes it from the Shuffle. The iPod Classic still has a "throwback" design that isn't as sleek as the Nano, but just might attract a little more attention should you ever decide to bring the Classic out. Don't think that the current iPod Classic is what the iPod was years ago - it's actually a great improvement while keeping many of the core functions many have come to know and love.

The iPod Touch

The king of the iPod world, the iPod Touch, is essentially a stripped-down version of the iPhone. You can access the Internet on the Touch, which means you can actually perform work-related tasks. It's not all about entertainment with the iPod Touch, even though you can download songs and movies on it. The iPod Touch has other features like a calendar, notes, and even more advanced games that are great for when you want to take a more interactive approach to your time-wasting. You can't place phone calls on the iPod Touch, but you will have a lot of other features you can't find in other iPods.