Why The Discontinued iPod Classic Still Has A Strong Following

When Apple quietly discontinued iPod Classic in September 2014, many customers hardly noticed it.

A device that probably look insignificant in this era of high capacity smart phones with specification charts that put most entry level personal computers to shame, it is difficult to imagine a device with its tiny screen size of 2.5 inches and reasonable, if not inadequate, memory capacity of 160GB matters anymore.

Shortly after its discontinuation in September, prices of used iPod Classic soared on many online classified and e-commerce sites.

Wait Till Reading This To Make Up Your Mind On iPod Classic

iPod Classic created a market of its own with its launch in 2001. The click wheel on Classic is possibly one of the most replicated features in the history of electronic gadgets. It changed how we consumed music and our whole perception of portable music players. For instance, professional photographers and photojournalists were one of the first to make use of iPod's storage capacity. When their cameras ran out of storage, image files were transferred to iPods.

Arguably iPod reached design perfection by 2003 and it had quite a lot in store for our future. For example, mobile phones were once portable telephones, a concept that is hard for us to admit. Although Apple iPhone is not the first smart phone out there, we can't deny that it was iPhone which changed how we perceived our mobiles. Downloading and sharing digital media was once considered to be the job of your personal computers and we didn't expect portability with such tasks but today, downloading and watching a movie on the go is our 'right.'

Here's why you should hold on to your iPod Classic

If you are a proud owner of an iPod Classic, here are some ideas for you to consider. The prices of these devices can go up in future as it becomes a novelty.

  • Data on the go – while portable hard disks can store a lot more data, iPod Classic's 160GB is not very bad. After all, its almost thrice of many modern smart phones.
  • Memories – An iPod can't take you back in time physically but it's possibly one of the best virtual time machines you can have, thanks to its reliability. PCs are notorious for breaking down, so is practically any gadget. An iPod on the other hand stay for quite some time. The simple presence of this device can give you happy moments in the long run.
  • Flip It – You don't know what the future holds for you. It's impossible to predict the price of your iPod in the years to come. If you are not in a hurry, why sell it? You may make many times more than what you paid for it later.

iPod Classic maybe discontinued but it's too early to say that the device is insignificant. Most iPod users can't get out of their house without their iPod. Consider these suggestions before making an irreversible decision with your iPod Classic.