iPod Shuffle 1st Generation

iPod Shuffle 1st GenerationApple iPod shuffle (1st Gen/White) Sizes : 512 MB / 1 GB

Also Known As : iPod shuffle - M9724LL/A - A1112 - 2037

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The 1st Generation Apple iPod Shuffle was released in 2005, being Apple's low cost offering to the MP3 player market at the time.

It came in two sizes : 512MB (120 Songs) & 1GB (240 songs), had no display, and was marketed as 'smaller than a pack of gum". The design of the 1st Gen iPod Shuffle is minimal : it has a five buttons on the front - the usual layout similar to the rest of the iPod family, and a slider switch on the rear which both locks & unlocks the device, and also puts it into shuffle mode.

Battery life was rated around 4 hours, depending on usage, and it connects directly into a USB port using an integrated connector. A number of accessories were available, including a lanyard, waterproof case, and an arm band.

Today you can still buy the 1st Gen shuffle from independent sellers online. Pricing is usually aways under $100, and you can pick up a bargain with minimal effort. These models are seen as 'vintage' and thus are collectable items. Have a browse below : simply click on any item and you'll be taken to the sellers page for more information.

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