Download Videos – Direct to Your iPod!

Download Videos - Direct to Your iPod!

Today's ubergeeks are longing for the day when video can be used interchangeably between iPods, iPhones, PCs, and high-definition televisions around the home.  We're not quite there yet, but we're getting a little closer, thanks to the highly-anticipated new features available on Apple's coming iPhone G3 S.

Both users of the iPhone G3 S and iPod Touch customers with fully-updated operating systems will be able to use iTunes in order to download or even rent movies directly to their personal gadgetry.  It's enough to make the old way of doing things (downloading from iTunes to the iPhone) seem caveman age.  The new way of doing things would wipe out the USB middle-man and place the iPhone's owner in charge of movie night.

But there are still a few kinks to be worked out.  For one, no one's sure about the pricing yet - the June 19th release of the iPhone G3 S is still looming.  The current pricing of movies via iTunes runs in the double-digits for movie purchases and between $2 and $5 for movie rentals.  Will it cost more to download a movie to your iPhone so that you can enjoy a viewing of Slumdog Millionaire on a flight between Melbourne and Brisbane?

Video isn't the only addition to the updated iTunes for the iPhone.  You'll also be able to download audio books ("iTunes U") as well as music videos.  If anything gets too raunchy for your kids, there will be parental controls available so that mom and dad can be sure their children don't have free reign on the information superhighway.

Expect to see a ripple effect from Apple's competitors - Microsoft's Zune is one potential device that might be aiming to counter-attack with a video download feature of its own.

The new operating system, known as the iPhone OS 3.0, will be available ahead of the new iPhone itself - iPod Touch users will have to pay to use the operating systems while iPhone users can receive it for free.  The new video download options are just one of the new features in what promises to be yet another leap forward for the mobile industry.